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What to Do With Gameaholicism

If you are a self-confessed gameaholic, or your child is; then congratulations! Recognizing the problem is half the solution. After the awareness of your condition or that of your loved one, knowing what to do about computer game addiction should be the next step. It is important to begin the thought in mind that like any other addiction, computer games addictions is often regarded as the gameaholic as a means to feel happy and satisfied, even for a short span of time. As persons who find their addiction on other stuff, gameaholics find gaming as an intoxicating means that lead them to bliss-- thus the continued commitment to this possibly damaging habit.

Treating gameaholicism in kids and adults differ. Though the goal is the same, the means to get there varies as their age and maturity play a crucial part in the approach to treating this addiction. To begin with, the challenges that parents of gameaholic kids may start with capturing the interest of their gameaholic child to engage in other activities. More often than not, gameaholic kids are socially withdrawn and disinterested to participate in social activities; thus, even more difficult for parents to know what to do to engage them in other activities at the end of the day. In spite of this challenge though, there is always something to be done about it.

Encouraging your child to engage in other activities may happen in small steps. Remember that it will be best to have your children bite off that they can chew--and so with you. If your child spends several hours playing computer games, try cutting their playing time out slowly, to the desired level. To start with, their computer gaming habit started small time; so the best way to withdraw him from it would be through the same procedure. Introduce equally fun activities, especially outdoors, such as play catch, swimming, biking, or any other that would be of interest to your child.

Soon as your child manifest at least some willingness to participate in other activities other than computer gaming, then this may be the time to introduce him to other more social activities. For instance, you can accompany him to participate in local gatherings and events where he can mingle and meet other kids, or perhaps enroll him in a summer camp! Remember that helping out your gameaholic child may need patience, and persistence in taking one step at a time.

Unlike kids, quitting gaming cold turkey may be done. Being rational and thinking adults, it will be easier to quit soon as the gameaholic adult came into terms with the fact that his quality of life is compromised with his excessive gaming. Adults who find themselves in the same struggle may opt to join a support group, or perhaps try to engage in other causes and activities that are of interest to them. When worse comes to worst though, availing of therapy may also be a good option.

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